In My Shoes

This is my first blog and so I’m excited!!

I’m writing this blog for Microsoft Student Associate Program 2014. Here’s my story and I’m not going to start it like…when i was small..or years ago but give you a better look in my shoes. Here I start with a small introduction on who is Amandeep?


My Family,close ones and friends call me “Beacon of Inspiration”.

They say i inspire them to become more and more better. But if i have to describe myself then i will say….I am What I more no less and I love simplicity and originality. I love to travel and explore .I’m not perfect ,neither do i possess some special talents but I’m passionately curious to learn new things.

I love to code and pour my soul ,heart and everything into it..but then I’m not a geek!!! It is fun to program and everyday I’m learning more of this logic based creativity. And

I am still learning and it never stops teaching


I like Microsoft because their products and services are easy to use and user/developer friendly.


If I have to name then starting from Microsoft Word , Powerpoint,FrontPage,Excel or a complete Office 2013 have a number of accessibility features making it easy to use for everyone. I own  a windows phone and it runs without any lags and therefore windows phone was my first choice. Onedrive : one place for everything in your life as they say is free cloud storage .  Moreover VS 2013 comes with a number of tools to create innovative apps .Microsoft DreamSpark is another microsoft program that provides technical education  to the students by providing developer and designer tools at no cost .Microsoft movie maker a part of windows live essentials is another software which makes it easy to create interactive videos and movies.Windows i.e Microsoft operating system dominates the market and will continue to.

Microsoft Virtual Academy or MVA is the perfect place for  free, on-demand courses  and certifications by experts that helps you to learn at your own pace. I love regrets!!

I am a member of the MCP community and have MTA certification


  If I get a chance to become a MSA I will bring change to the society by

  • Organizing seminars,workshops,fests ,bootcamps to educate about the microsoft products and services
  • Holding contests regularly to seek student attention
  • Making the students evaluate the products and services themselves
  • Encourage others to speak about their experiences

    Everyone of us use Microsoft technology in some way or the other and it has impacted our lives.     My aim as a Microsoft Student Associate will be to turn people around me into technology lovers and  enthusiasts.                        

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139 thoughts on “In My Shoes”

  1. Explicitly stated the future aspects…
    Good work!!! Microsoft is actually the very integral part in our daily lives ranging from students to corporates
    All da best 4 da project undertaken


  2. A very comprehensive and we’ll written peice and really Microsoft has impacted our.lives deeply in every sphere from simple letters on.worfto.complex office work on excell and teaching the nuances of these softwares would be a boon to one and all


  3. Handsomely penned pearls of thoughts!!
    In this era of abandance of thoughtfulness, you hereby emerge as an inspiration for juviniles and geriatrics as well.
    Congratulations… you are an intellectual person aloof frm the routine faces.


  4. Its very gud to know dat u love ur work n also dat ur passionate to learn new things as well n help d keep it up,n may allah bless u wid a bright future ahead..:):)


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